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Brake Suspension Suspension

Quick and Thorough Suspension System Service

Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. The professionals at Mr. Muffler and Brakes in Lake Orion, MI, offer you AFFORDABLE suspension system repair on all makes and models.

  • Shocks

  • Springs

  • Alignments

  • Installations

  • Diagnostic of noises

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Quality repairs of all components

Your car's suspension system helps keep your vehicle under control while on the road. If you're having suspension problems, let us find and fix the issue for you today.  


Because the suspension can not only affect how comfortable your ride is, but also the safety, it is important to get these types of issues checked out quickly. Call 248-693-7767.

Get control of your suspension today

Call today to get a much smoother ride for your auto


Have your suspension evaluated by the experts to avoid unnecessary road noise and vibration.